Treasurer's Report 12-18-2012

Florida Bay Club

December Board Meeting

Treasurer’s Report




Bank Balances:

Centennial – Reserve                                     $130,000

Centennial – CD                                                                $  10,000

                                Total Monies in Centennial Bank                               $140,000.00


First State Bank -Operating Account       $183,432.84

                              -Money Market  $  11,873.54

                              -Tax Account                        $       100.00

                                -Reserve Account            $  16,569.05

                                                Sub Total                                                             $221,875.43

                                 -Savings Account             $    1,062.84

                                                Total Monies in First State Bank                 $222,938.27


Note:  Putting $29,000 into reserves tomorrow, Wednesday December 19, 2012.


The financials Matt sent out yesterday that reflect transactions through November 30th, show $477,225.77 owned by owners.   As of today, that total has been reduced by $55,190.56 for a new amount of $422,035.21 owned by owners.


Note:  As of today, the housekeeping budget is under budget by $12,133.00.  

Note:  Overall expenses are under budget by $111,000.00.

I want to thank Suzanne and Bernadette for being frugal and watchful of expenses. 


Tax bills will be invoiced and sent out by the end of December 2012.  The tax amount is $23.47 per owned unit.   That is down from 2011’s amount of $26.16 per owned unit. 


If we as a board vote to retain Mike Geisler, the yearly audit is scheduled to be done January 28 and 29, 2013.  

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