Manager's Report BOD Meeting 12-18-2012



7:00 P.M.


Since the last Board of Directors meeting was only four weeks ago, there are only a few items to report to you.

Marshall and I enjoyed our cruise and the chance to re-group and renew.  Director Kauffman has a sweet life!  Bernadette returned to us with a good English cold and jet lag.  She was missed and we are so glad to have her diseased self back with us.

We have 26 foreclosures in the pipeline.  The auction was cancelled on December 13th and rescheduled for January 25th.

The survey was performed on the dock by Dock Masters.  Tom Domiano reported we have 50-65% life left on the pilings.  I have emailed you 3 estimates.  They range from $143,000, $70,000, $58,000, $68,000, and $33,000 depending on who and what choice made.  I am sure we will go over these in the meeting but I believe the suggestion made by Tom with Dock Masters is very good.  He suggests we air jet the pilings back in place or replace up to 4, pull open permit, and build the dock to code.  In 8-10 years, consider replacing the pilings or remaining pilings.  The dock can be disconnected, moved to the side, the pilings replaced and the dock reattached. $33,000

Regarding the area where the mini golf course previously was located, we have measured the area suitable for building any of the submitted ideas.  We have an area 24 feet wide and 75 feet long.  It is 23 feet from the C Building entrance to the table/gazebo which is 6 ft. x 6 ft.

The quote from our liability insurance for coverage if we installed a playground is an additional $500 per year.  If we wanted to insure the playground for replacement/damage, that would have to be determined after we presented the company with the product.

There is no area behind the B Building to accommodate anything.  It is too narrow and too close to the Units.

Due to the Holiday Season, I have been unable to obtain bids on such things as garage door openers as requested.



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