Annual Owners Meeting

Florida Bay Club Homeowners Association held its Annual Owners Meeting this past weekend (October 21st at 1:00pm)

An official meeting was conducted, as a quorum was established thru those present and those that returned their proxies.

Business subjects for this year's meeting were; Election for three open Board Positions, a presentation by Interval International, and presentation of proposed renovation/upgrades for the resort.

Elections; there were three Board openings for this year's election. Having only three candidates for these open positions waived a requirement to conduct the formal election process. The three candidates, which will fill the three openings for the next two years are; Wanda Robbins, Michael Gandham, and Robert West. John Lexa, the former member of the board opted not to run for re-election. Wanda, Michael, and Robert assumed their positions on the board at the Board of Directors meeting following the Owners Meeting.

Interval International representative Samy Gonzalez provided those in attendance a presentation on the services they provide. Interval International is a Time Share Exchange Program similar to RCI. Some key points for Interval International, they have over 3,200 resorts in their exchange network, they have nearly 2 million member families enrolled in their various membership programs, and they serve 16 countries with clients and members. More information will be provided to our owners on Interval International.

Renovations/Upgrade to our resort. The board presented those in attendance an overview of current work being done at our resort, as well as, proposed work to be done. An overview of proposed work includes; replacing doors and windows (to include the entrance door and sliding glass doors), upgrades to the kitchens, upgrades to the upstairs bathrooms, removal of carpet upstairs and replaced with tile, addition of a shower in the downstairs bedrooms, and painting of the exterior of all buildings. More details will be provided to our owners on proposed renovation/upgrades.

Following the Owners Meeting, the Board of Directors held its meeting to elect officers for the coming year. Phil Truran was again elected as President of the Association, Ed Daniels was again elected as Treasurer of the Association, Jim Farmer was again elected as Secretary of the Association, Robert West was elected as Vice President of the Association (replacing John Lexa), who is no longer on the board).

Again, more information will be coming out regarding Interval International and proposed renovation/upgrades for our resort.

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