Annual Owners Meeting

There has been an inquiry regarding the recent 2nd mailing to owners for notification of the annual owners meeting.   


A proxy must be completed and signed by the owner to be counted towards a quorum.  Any signed proxy returned, but without a selection of option 'A' or 'B' will default to option 'A'.  This is so detailed on the proxy form.


The proxy form also outlines the intent of proxy form.  Proxies are not used for election of the Board of Directors.  Elections are conducted with secret ballots.  This method was explained and adopted with the revision of the association bylaws.  Removal of the proxy in the election process returns the voting choice to the owners and prevents individual(s) from controlling the votes.  We have seen how the proxy process has impacted the association in the past.


There is no need for an election this year.  There are three positions on the board up for election this year.  One sitting board member (John Lexa) has decided not to run for another term.  Wanda Robbins and Michael Gandham wish to continue their service on the board.  The third person  is Robert West.  You may recall Robert also ran for the board last year.  With only three candidates for the three open positions, there is no requirement to go thru the time and expense of the election.  They will  assume their position on the  board following this year's owners meeting.


An important subject to be discussed at this year's owners meeting will be future upgrades at our resort.  While upgrades have been a major talking point for the board, plans and details are being compiled for presentation at the owners meeting.  After this year's meeting, and depending on owners input at the meeting, further details and timelines will be provided. 


The owners meeting will be October 21, 2018 at The Holiday Inn, Key Largo.

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