Floating Week Policy

The Annual Owners Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 29, 2017.  Revision of the Floating Week Agreement Procedures and election of your Board of Directors is on the agenda for this meeting.

This revision of the Floating Week Policy is very important and we encourage all owners to review the mailing they received on this issue and vote their proxy and return it prior to the annual meeting. 

The resort has not followed the procedures outlined in the original Floating Week Policy for many years and this revision will bring our written policy in line with our current practices.  There is no cost or fees associated with this revision, this will just align our governing documents with the practices we have worked under for many many years.  

The election of your Board of Directors will also be held at the Annual Owners Meeting.  Every owner should have received a mailing for casting your secret ballot for this election.  The election process has changed to a SECRET Ballot to give the choice to the owners.  This prevents any individual from controlling the outcome by collecting enough proxies to decide the election.

So please, if you haven't returned your proxy vote for the Floating Use Plan, please take the time to review, complete, and return your proxy.  That proxy vote does not need to be notarized, just signed and returned.  Also, if you have not yet voted for this years election, please cast your Secret Ballot for choices to serve on the Board of Directors.

A copy of the Floating Week Policy Mailing is included, if needed.

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