Important Information

A Special Owners Meeting for the revision of the Floating Use Plan and the monthly Board of Directors Meeting were held on Tuesday, September 26, 2017.  The following  important issues were addressed;

     1.  The Special Owners Meeting for the Floating Use Plan was rescheduled to the Annual Owners Meeting October  29, 2017, to allow owners' more time to return their proxy votes.

     2.  The Annual Budget for 2018 was approved and there is no increase in Maintenance Fees for 2018.

     3.  Damage to the perimeter fence effected nearly 70% of the fence line.  A committee was formed to decide on the type of fence to be installed.  Owners are invited to join this committee.  Anyone interested, please contact the office for meeting information.

And these reminders to all owners, if you haven't returned your proxy vote for the Floating Use Plan, please take the time to review, complete, and return your proxy.  Also, the Annual Owners Meeting is scheduled for October 29, 2017 and if you will be unable to attend, please cast your Secret Ballot for this year's election of the Board of Directors.

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