FBC Mailing

By now everyone should have received a mailing from the resort.  

This mailing is two-fold, first to request owners vote to revise the Floating Use Amendment. Revision to this amendment brings our document inline with the long standing practice the resort follows for making reservations. The original amendment established reservation practices long not followed and this revision will continue our long standing procedures followed in making reservations.  This change does nothing more than align our documents with the manner in which we handle reservations.  

Second, this mailing provides owners notice for the Annual Owners Meeting in October, as stated in the association bylaws.  Elections are conducted at the Annual Owners Meeting and this mailing outlines the steps for anyone wishing to run for the board.

Please take the time to review this mailing and participate in the continuing improvements to our resort.

A copy of the mailing is included in the Media Kit

Media Kit
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