Local Area


Those of you interested in fishing while in the Keys, be aware that we have a fishing guide that will attend most of our Monday morning breakfast.  His name is Bob Fernicola and you can view his website by going to: http://www.keys-backcountry-fishing.com/.  Or you can phone him by calling  305 451-3322.    

You will find Bob to be friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to take you on your "Dream FishingTrip!"  He has worked well with Florida Bay Club for decades and successfully served our guest in the past.


You will find several dive boats that may be chartered in Key Largo.  Additionally, you are very near the John Pennecamp Park which is about one quarter mile southwest on US1.  There is a beautiful park with a museum as well as scenic tours that are conducted by boat.


Need a boat for diving or fishing?  Pontunes website is www.pontunes.com.  Or you can call 305-453-5007 for information about rentals.  Boats come equipped with GPS and phone contact to aid in navigation.


There is a new Paddle Boat out of Key Largo with lunch and dinner cruises.



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