How you should use a selfie stick!

We all know people come to the Key's for fishing, shrimping and to catch lobster. 

We also have a lot of people who come to dive in the beautiful waters of the Key's, this little blog is really on how you should use the now famous selfie stick. 

This is a friend of mine Jeremiah (all picture credits to him), who does a lot of free diving, it's not for the faint of heart, you also need to be able to hold your breath, or be a Mermaid. Looking at these pictures makes me wish I had been born a Mermaid. 



IMG_5548.JPG IMG_5546.JPGIMG_5549.JPG    
IMG_5539.JPG IMG_5540.JPG    
 IMG_5545.JPG  IMG_5541.JPG    


...... and that's how a selfie stick should be used! Wish I was a Mermaid. 

Snowbirds and the Fun with friends!
January, February and March 2016
The teams were heavily matched, well prepared, and the competition was intense. The spectators were treated once again to an outstanding afternoon of play, but, in the end the "Butchers" team (Barbara and Paul Beere, Jack Edwards and Barbara Wilford) ceased the day and garnered the coveted FBC Trophy with a dead heat finish for the three remaining runner ups.  Since Wide Wide World of Sports was not able to televise this event because of a previous commitment coverage of today's "National Gecko - Iguana" races at John Pennekamp Park, your humble photographer is happy to submit the following highlights, including the post games happy hour at the pool deck ... Bottoms up ... I'll drink to that !! All picture by Dave Richards.
 RSCN4030.JPG RSCN4017.JPG  RSCN4019.JPG   
 RSCN4018.JPG DSCN3976.JPG   DSCN3989.JPG  

January, February, March and April. Guys and Dolls!
The social activities meter was way up in the "Green" this month so I thought I'd submit our All Star cast of "Guys and Dolls" for 2016 ... What a delightful group of fun - loving,  party - hardy, members and guests indeed ... All of whom cherished their time here at our beloved Florida Bay Club!
IMG_7282.JPG IMG_7274.JPG DSCN4693.JPG

Mothers Day!

Hi Everyone,


So tomorrow is Mothers Day, I would like to wish all our Florida Bay Club mom's a blessed and peaceful day. It's a lot later here than in the UK, always the 3rd Sunday in March. I was lucky enough last year to experience wishes on both days from my children. I thought you may enjoy some pictures of Mothers and their children!


IMG_5512.JPG IMG_5513.JPG



So remember all you mom's out there this Mothering Sunday.




Happy Mother's Day to you all, Bernadette

Florida Bay CLub

Well Hello Everyone,


It's been a month since I asked you, if you would like a News Letter or up-date now and again. 

I got one e-mail at, I have had complaints about the News Letter you have been receiving, but on-one seems to want one from me! 

I would like to let you all know not a single e-mail address has been given out from the office, nor will it be without permission from you. I have received lots of calls about this matter and just wanted to reassure you all.

The Annual Meeting is on Sunday the 22nd of May at the Lions Club here in Key Largo at 1pm, I do hope some of you will come and support us!

On another note it's been a busy month here at Florida Bay Club, full every week, fish being caught, wildlife being seen, even by me! 

Chat to you all again soon, but before I go thought you may like these pictures.

IMG_5499.JPG IMG_2977.JPG IMG_5497.JPG IMG_5500.JPG

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