Another nice snapper


Fishing from the Docks

Now they are some nice snapper.


Fishing the cut

A nice Snook caught last week in the cut.



New Post
Board Members Elected October 2019 
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Vice President
Robert West: 941-628-0123          email:
Michael Heise                                 email:
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Lobster Season

Lobster season is open in Florida.

38772084_1823148631112507_2477698849888534528_o.jpg   40081949_10157032709908888_1833739748770840576_n.jpg

Summer Fun


37055947_1782618748498829_1779105454073315328_n.jpg    37182148_1782618751832162_9108578538969104384_n.jpg

36301771_1756142047813166_8505300809733373952_n.jpg      33304117_1715200715240633_7370667469146423296_n.jpg


Kayak/Canoe Launching

Trying out the new Kayak/Canoe Launching Area.




Fence Repairs

Repairs to the fencing around the back lot have been completed.  This fencing is around the maintenance area, tennis court, and boat trailer storage lot.





Termite Treatment

Termite treatment is completed.  Evidence of termites was found during the recent roof replacement.  With the busy schedule of owners and guest, we finally completed this treatment with as little disruption as possible to the resort. 


Web Cam

One of our goals has been to set up a webcam at the resort for owners to access. A camera for owners to view the resort has been setup. It has been tested and is up and running. It requires an app (V380), which is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Please message the Facebook Page for setup instructions.

We hope this further improves owners experience for our resort.

Give it a try.



Hurricane Irma Pictures

Sharing some pictures from Hurricane Irma.

storm1.jpg     storm2.jpg


storm3.jpg     storm4.jpg

storm5.jpg     storm6.jpg

Florida Bay Club vacations

Whether fishing, lobstering, or just relaxing, Florida Bay Club is a great place to vacation.








Lobster Season

Lobster Season opened today, hoping everyone has a safe and productive season.


Lobster Mini Season

Florida Lobster Sports Mini season was this Wednesday and Thursday. Hope everyone that made it out had a good trip.


Winter Guest

Our winter guest have enjoyed the Florida Keys again this year.



Congratulations Tino

Congratulations to Florentin (Tino) for receiving his United States Citizenship. Again, congratulations.


Roofing Project is complete

Roofing project finished up last week and the roofs are looking good. Thanks to everyone visiting the resort during this project and working thru any inconvenience.






Pool Time

Chilling in the pool, Layla Rose enjoying a lazy Florida day at Florida Bay Club.

Pool Picture

New Roofing

The roofing project is moving along.  The roof has been completed for the C-Unit and Pool Area Gazebo.  Work continues on the B-Unit and little canopy areas around the resort.  


Pool Gazebo

Biggest Catch of the Day

Our biggest catch of the day, one big trigger fish.

Trigger Fish

Lobster in the Keys

Florida lobster season opened August 6th and folks are having some good luck finding their prize.


How you should use a selfie stick!

We all know people come to the Key's for fishing, shrimping and to catch lobster. 

We also have a lot of people who come to dive in the beautiful waters of the Key's, this little blog is really on how you should use the now famous selfie stick. 

This is a friend of mine Jeremiah (all picture credits to him), who does a lot of free diving, it's not for the faint of heart, you also need to be able to hold your breath, or be a Mermaid. Looking at these pictures makes me wish I had been born a Mermaid. 



IMG_5548.JPG IMG_5546.JPGIMG_5549.JPG    
IMG_5539.JPG IMG_5540.JPG    
 IMG_5545.JPG  IMG_5541.JPG    


...... and that's how a selfie stick should be used! Wish I was a Mermaid. 

Snowbirds and the Fun with friends!
January, February and March 2016
The teams were heavily matched, well prepared, and the competition was intense. The spectators were treated once again to an outstanding afternoon of play, but, in the end the "Butchers" team (Barbara and Paul Beere, Jack Edwards and Barbara Wilford) ceased the day and garnered the coveted FBC Trophy with a dead heat finish for the three remaining runner ups.  Since Wide Wide World of Sports was not able to televise this event because of a previous commitment coverage of today's "National Gecko - Iguana" races at John Pennekamp Park, your humble photographer is happy to submit the following highlights, including the post games happy hour at the pool deck ... Bottoms up ... I'll drink to that !! All picture by Dave Richards.
 RSCN4030.JPG RSCN4017.JPG  RSCN4019.JPG   
 RSCN4018.JPG DSCN3976.JPG   DSCN3989.JPG  

January, February, March and April. Guys and Dolls!
The social activities meter was way up in the "Green" this month so I thought I'd submit our All Star cast of "Guys and Dolls" for 2016 ... What a delightful group of fun - loving,  party - hardy, members and guests indeed ... All of whom cherished their time here at our beloved Florida Bay Club!
IMG_7282.JPG IMG_7274.JPG DSCN4693.JPG

Mothers Day!

Hi Everyone,


So tomorrow is Mothers Day, I would like to wish all our Florida Bay Club mom's a blessed and peaceful day. It's a lot later here than in the UK, always the 3rd Sunday in March. I was lucky enough last year to experience wishes on both days from my children. I thought you may enjoy some pictures of Mothers and their children!


IMG_5512.JPG IMG_5513.JPG



So remember all you mom's out there this Mothering Sunday.




Happy Mother's Day to you all, Bernadette

Florida Bay CLub

Well Hello Everyone,


It's been a month since I asked you, if you would like a News Letter or up-date now and again. 

I got one e-mail at, I have had complaints about the News Letter you have been receiving, but on-one seems to want one from me! 

I would like to let you all know not a single e-mail address has been given out from the office, nor will it be without permission from you. I have received lots of calls about this matter and just wanted to reassure you all.

The Annual Meeting is on Sunday the 22nd of May at the Lions Club here in Key Largo at 1pm, I do hope some of you will come and support us!

On another note it's been a busy month here at Florida Bay Club, full every week, fish being caught, wildlife being seen, even by me! 

Chat to you all again soon, but before I go thought you may like these pictures.

IMG_5499.JPG IMG_2977.JPG IMG_5497.JPG IMG_5500.JPG

News Letter

Hello Everyone, from a very dull but warm day in the Florida Keys.

It has come to my attention, that some owners may like a monthly News Letter.

Please feel free to e-mail me at with any ideas of what you may like to hear about.

 You know I will do my best for you all!

For those of you in colder places, here is a picture from earlier in the week, when the sun was shining in the beautiful Keys.







 When you arrive at our secure front gate, you will see the Office immediately on your right.  Inside you will be greeted by our staff:



Shelby Valles, our Assistant Manager, has worked at the Florida Bay Club since June 2014. Shelby has lived in the keys since 2010. Shelby came to us from Holiday Isle where she was the Human Resource Director / Manager on Duty for the past 8 years. She is married to a official Conch and has two beautiful kids, Tyler 17 and Susanna 27. 



You will also undoubtedly meet our maintenance staff at some time during your stay.  You will find they are both eager to please.  Whether you need to borrow a shrimp net or have something repaired, you will find both eager to please and capable of doing so.   Florentin has been with Florida Bay Club for almost 21 years and Milo for 14 years.  For the best fishing information consult either of them.  For the best Ceviche and other seafood recipes make sure you get with them. 




Lobster Season.

Lobster Season is going well, with young and old enjoying the catches.

The Picture below was taken earlier in the year by our beloved Treasurer Linda Kauffman. Even on a rainy day Florida Bay Club is a pretty place to be.

Lobster Season is here !!!

Lobster Season kicks off and the Docks are empty.


We have had a wet few days but the sun is now shinning on the drivers. Lets hope they get some lobsters. 

Hoping to have some pictures to follow.

Managers Blog June 2014

I have just up-dated our new Assistant Manager Elizabeth Gracia, we welcome her to Florida Bay Club, she is looking forward to learning the Time-Share way of life. Her picture and profile are in the staff section of the Website.


Florida Bay Club is now in what the staff calls "Miami Season." Please remember a 2-bedroom sleeps a maximum of 6 and a 3-bedroom unit sleeps a maximum of 8. In April 2014, an Owners By-Laws Compliance Committee was setup. This Committee is made up of 3-owners who are not on the current Board of Directors. Owners NOT abiding within the boundaries of the By-Laws will be brought before this Committee and fined accordingly.


Tino, Milo and Huascar are currently working hard on the boardwalk, as some of it had become unsafe.  This work will continue over the next couple of weeks.



Florida Bay Club News

Just letting everyone know the Annual Meeting is coming up soon, Sunday 18th May, at 1pm, we would love to see as many people as possible.

We  are just awaiting the electric hook-up of the Dock,  it will then be complete, all Units now have new electric garage doors, remotes are available for a $50 deposit, also all door locks have been changed.

All bedrooms are getting new ceiling lights and fans, Tino and Milo are busy installing them.

We now have pool towels you can use, all we ask is a $10 deposit per towel, which will be returned to you at the end of your stay, these are very popular with guests.

What a Catch!

Phil Truan caught this in fifty minutes on 20# line!

Phil Truan's fish!

Manager's Blog




What happened?  The ballots and proxies were coming in and then all of a sudden they are trickling into the office

Ladies and Gentlemen, we need you to mail those back to us.  You have the privilege of voting your choices, please take a few minutes and get these mailed.



Ballots and Proxies are pouring in!  Don't miss your chance to vote.  The Annual Meeting is May 19th which is right around the corner!

The Board of Directors and I are hoping you like what you see happening at the Florida Bay Club.  It has been a "Team FBC" effort, the Board of Director and Management.  I am very proud of all that has been accomplished in the 15 1/2 months I have been your Resort Manager.  It has been exciting to watch your reserves grow and the units and property improved.

Of course this could not have been done without an active, hard working, Board of Directors, but I must also give credit to the staff of FBC.  Bernadette, Florentin, Milo, and our newest addition Debbie. 

Bernadette has helped so many of you purchase foreclosed units, make reservations, maintain your accounts with great a British flourish!  So many of you have praised Florentin and appreciate his tireless efforts, being on call 24/7.  Milo has maintained our grounds and impressed many.  Debbie, who has owned her own resort for 18 years, has enhanced this team of professionals, always with a sense of humor and a helpful attitude. All are assets to your Associations. 



We are busy here!  We're whizzing around this office getting all the details covered for the Annual Meeting on May 19th at the Key Largo Lion's Club. 

As stated in the News Article, you should have received your FIRST NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING.  That's all it is folks!  A Notice.  No proxy, no ballot, nothing to return unless you run for the Board.  Can you tell we have had a lot of phone calls from people who either didn't read the Notice or did not understand the letter?

Expect another envelope from us around May 5th.  THIS envelope will include the Agenda, the profiles of those running for the Board, the proposed Amendments to the By-Laws, proxies and more. 

The Easter Bunny is hopping through the Keys tomorrow!  I wish my Grandchildren were down here.

I wish you all a beautiful, blessed, and joyful Easter!






It is a BEAUTIFUL day today in the Florida Keys!  80 degrees and sunny here in Key Largo. 

Our "snow birds" are going home little by little, spring breakers are arriving, a "brief" slow period and then our summer vacationers will arrive.

The shrimping has been good since we had a few very cool nights and a full moon to boot.  The boardwalk has been full!

You will all be receiving mail from us later this month.  You will receive the 1st Notice of the Annual Meeting which will be May 19th, 2013.  Again, the meeting will be held at the Lion's Club, Key Largo.  Hope to see you there.

Your Board of Directors has worked so hard this year to make improvements to your Resort while being prudent with your money.  President Matt Peabody, Vice President Jack Irvin, Treasurer Linda Kauffman, and Directors Richard Turner, Michael Gandham, and Robert West have attended every meeting.  They have conducted business professionally and with sound financial thinking.  Find time to thank them or their donated time and effort.    

There are new 46 inch televisions in all living areas now, the new furniture pieces have arrived and the replacement of the dock will begin shortly.

This year we went from RCI Hospitality Designation (lowest) skipped Bronze, and achieved the Designation of Silver Award Resort.  We were only a few points below Gold standing.  Hopefully with the improvements being made, Gold will be attained in 2014.



I'm sure you all have realized you have heard less and less from me as the "season" has progressed.  Wow, it has been a busy one!    

The first of this month we fully funded the budgeted 2013 reserves with 2013 monies!  This may not seem impressive to some of you, but from the past financials I have studied, it is a first.  With the Annual Meeting approaching on May 19th, I am sure your President, Matt Peabody and our Auditor, Michael Geisler, will be explaining more about our financial condition. 

We continue to make improvements.  New furniture pieces have arrived, televisions are being upgraded, lighting is being added over the nightstands.  Stay tuned as improvements are made and we are prudent with our spending.  So much to do............



"Season" is in full swing in the Keys!  I watch Good Morning America as I get ready for work in the morning.  I have noticed a lot of traffic on the streets behind the news desk and wonder WHO is driving those cars.  I thought they were all down here!  Ha! 

We are lucky to have our "teenagers" in residence for up to 8 weeks!  These "teenagers" are party animals!  So much fun!  I never know what they will be up to. 

Bernadette has been a busy little bee, adding late fees to all unpaid accounts and making ready the mailing to go out.  Abby is just the same, her sweet spirit is shining even though she is putting the breakfast together and knowing she has a full afternoon of stuffing envelopes for the late notice mailing!

We are hoping all are having a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you all in the coming year!!!! 



The Holidays are past and the New Year has arrived and so have the joys and challenges that come with it.  All is going well and very fast at FBC.  Everyone is paying their fees on time, Florentin and Milo are busy with the "winter" upkeep and I am getting ready for the 2012 Audit and closing down all files and books, also for 2012. Abby and Bernadette are taking good care of much, much, more. 

We hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season and are looking forward to coming back to FBC in 2013!


It is a wonderful time this season here at the Florida Bay Club.  All Christmas lights are up,  There is a chill in the air, everyone is cheerful, and we have a full house full of Owners.

Bernadette returned from England after a warm fuzzy visit with her children and grandchildren.  She was so missed by staff and Owners and we are delighted she is back in her place with a bright smiling face.

Bernadette, Florentin, Milo, Abby, and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year!!!!



Marshall and I returned from our cruise last Sunday.  We came back relaxed and rested and wanting to plan another one.  This time we went to Nassau, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk.  We really want to spend more time in Puerto Rico and Grand Turk soon. 

NOW, Miss Bernadette and Derrick left today for Merry Ole England with suitcases full of American Christmas bargains and gifts.  Jumpers (sweaters), Trainers (sneakers), and such are much less expensive here so she is bringing Christmas cheer to all.  She will be paying over $10 a gallon for gasoline.......WOW! 

The Florida Bay Club is certainly looking festive.  Holiday decorations are hung and I thought for sure I heard the prancing and pawing of little hoofs on the roof only to discover they belonged to Florentin and Milo! 

Tonight is the Annual Key Largo Christmas Boat Parade on Blackwater Sound.  The parade can be viewed from all the balconies of the B and C buildings and a few of the A building.  This week we have more RCI guests than we do owners enjoying this beautiful warm, sunny, holiday season.  Most of these guests are not at all familiar with the Keys and the Keys laid back lifestyle.  Many are so excited about the boat parade and I don't blame them.  It is nice and there is a "winners party" afterward at Sundowners.  Winners, losers, non-participants, and Key characters all attend.

We wish you all lots of "cheer" during this season!!


Wow!  What a week here in the office at the Florida Bay Club! 

Reservations opened for 2014 Thursday.  Bernadette, Abby, and I, were answering all three telephones and manning all three computers.  The telephones rang non-stop for six straight hours.  We ate lunch at 2:30 in the afternoon!  Y'all KNOW how I get without food!!!!  We were all overloaded on caffeine and buzzing around this office.  We had one lady that had sat in her car, in front of the office, since 6 A.M. and but only one other early bird showing up at 8 A.M.

We did our very best to book all of your weeks, when and where you wanted to be.  In a few cases it was impossible but in most, it all went smoothly.  For those of you that were unable to get exactly the unit you wanted for the week/weeks you desired, we hope you will still have a fun and relaxing time. 

For those of you who have not made reservations, I suggest you make them as soon as you can.  Some weeks are already fully booked.


Well, it has certainly been a terrible week for many, weather wise.  We are hoping and praying our Northern owners, friends, and family, are safe and well. 

We, here in Florida, know very well how devastating these storms can be.  Add basements, cold weather and number of people concentrated in areas and the problems get worse.

It has been reported that Florida Power and Light Corp. has crews already on the road headed north to assist in restoring electric service to our northern citizens.  To those of you up there, know you are in good hands with FPL, they certainly have a lot of experience!

Stay safe and warm and we will be glad to see you when you arrive as "it is a beautiful day in Key Largo"!


We are under yet ANOTHER Tropical Storm Watch!!  Ahhh!  Island living at it's best, haha. 

We are gearing up for November 1st  This is the first date owners can make reservations for 2014 so check your children's school out day, your anniversaries, birthdays and fishing charts.

Bernadette, Abby, and I will be here answering the telephones at 8:00 A.M. unless we have too much Witches Brew the night before in which case, all bets are off!  



I know you have not heard from me in a while.  Marshall and I returned a week ago from our visit with our new "great" granddaughter in Kentucky.  Miss Ella Kate Kennedy is adorable! 

We drove too much....ate to much.....laughed with family....were VERY cold (36 degrees one morning), and enjoyed the change of seasons.  The sun shown everyday and the leaves were beautiful!  I came back in the mood to start a fire in the fireplace, bake a pumpkin pie and cook a turkey.  Well, that was short lived as I was greeted by sun and 91 degrees! 

The staff has been taking advantage of this short slow season while children are in school and owners from up north have not arrived for their extended visits.  We have all been doing all sorts of projects in deferred maintenance, organization, cleaning, etc.  We have been busy little bees!


For those of you who do not live in the Keys, I bet you would be as surprised as I was when I moved here.  The residents of the Keys decorate and celebrate Halloween like most areas do Christmas!  I don't know if it is the "any reason for a party" thinking or it is traditional.  The orange and purple strings of lights are going up, the tombstones and monsters are appearing in the yards and the coffins that become beer coolers are being drug from storage.  

Every Halloween Marshall and I attend a party in our neighborhood where there are at least 30 couples and numerous "candy sticky" children.....some adults in costume and many Princess and Batman dressed children.  Everyone brings food, "beverages" and GIANT bags of candy. Trick or Treaters come from everywhere.  Last year there were close to 500.

We have installed motion detector security lights at the dock along with signage stating it is a Private Dock.  Just another step in our efforts to improve safety and security at FBC.


We have had a wonderful week here.  We had 7 RCI owners as guests and they were some of the nicest people ever!  The owners that were here were a joy!  It is such fun to do for people that are so nice.

Though it is scorching hot...we feel the beginning of the change of seasons.  Yesterday driving home my car temperature read 91!!!!!  That was AFTER the car had cooled! 


Well, that Florida Gator/Kentucky Wildcat thing didn't work out too well for me......Kentucky never scored one point!!!!  Stay tuned for the "round" ball games!!!!  Oh, did I forget to tell everyone The University of Kentucky Wildcats are the 2012 NCAA Basketball Champs???? 

It is so quiet down here.  To say it is the "SLOW" season is putting it mildly.  Traffic is not bad, there is room for those of us who live here to eat in restaurants, and the lines at the grocery are short.  Even Key West is not crowded.  Of course, that is not good for the servers/bartenders, housekeepers etc.  The fishing captains take this time of year to do maintenance and sprucing up of their boats, and their vacations.  Few people are booking charters.  Our economy depends on our guests and tourist so many are looking forward to the return of our Northern visitors.


Oh my goodness!  The Florida Gators are playing the University of Kentucky Wildcats right now in football!!  I am a big Gator fan.............until they play Kentucky!!  This could prove to be a very long afternoon.  Of course I realize U. of K. is THE basketball powerhouse and are not known for their abilities with a ball that is not round, but UK has been improving in football. 

We have had many guests with RCI for the past few weeks and again 7 this coming week. 

This week we also had a stow-away dog......and his parents are OWNERS!  The owner advised me "we have been owners here since 1989 and live in Miami".  Well, that probably wouldn't help the young man who was here 2 years ago and ended up in the emergency room due to allergies to dogs.  Long time owners should know best, we do not allow pets of any kind!  Oops! I'm venting........

It is overcast and rainy here but the party goes on! 


I wish you could all be here.  It is still really hot (93 degrees) but a good breeze blowing.  The fishing reports say the mutton snapper and yellow tail are biting out on the reef and the snook are showing up again in the back country.  Of course there is still a catch and release on the snook. 

The annual Phil Peterson's Key West Poker Run for charity was this past Thursday through Sunday.  It was expected to draw up to 10,000 bikes to the event.  I believe it did and they all rode past The Florida Bay Club.  Having spent so much of my life living in Daytona Beach which hosts Bike Week and Biketoberfest each year, and being a "biker babe" myself, this was music to my ears.

The "biker babe" days ended in a divorce............I sure miss that bike!


Beautiful weather here today, the Florida Gators and the Seminoles are playing football, and the snapper are biting!

We are preparing for our new arrival of Owners and RCI guests and all is well.  Such a great time of year for everyone visiting the Keys.

It is, however, the time of year I miss my home state of Kentucky.  There, it is time to visit the apple orchards and begin thinking of the pumpkin patches and football at the University of Kentucky is in full swing.  Though I have daughters who have graduated from University of Kentucky College of Law, one who graduated from Western Kentucky University College of Education, and one who graduated from University of Louisville School of Chemical Engineering, my heart still bleeds BLUE!  I am a Gator fan but when UK plays anything I am "go big blue" all the way.

I hope all of our owners have a good weekend and have the time to reflect on Fall Seasons of their pasts.


It seems so calm in the Keys right now.  Tropical Storm Isaac is playing elsewhere, the tourist traffic has thinned, children are back in school, the high school football games are in full swing, locals are hanging in the sports bars watching the Gators and the Seminoles play on T.V., boat captains are doing their yearly maintenance on their boats, and many are getting ready for the fall/winter art shows. 

Bernadette and I are getting ready for the November 1st opening for reservations for 2014 and owners are paying their 2013 Maintenance Fees.

We have taken advantage of this slower time getting the 2013 Statements produced and mailed.   We also have been making new owner files as the ones in place were falling apart from age.  I'm sure they were the original files, some dating back to 1983!

Of course, as always, we continue to hear from the same few people that complain and criticize everything and everybody but we know they would criticize the Florida Lottery if they had to buy a ticket to win!!!  I am so grateful my life is happy and positive..... 


It is hard to believe that soon it will be fall!  The year is flying by.

The 2013 Budget has good news.  You will see your 2013 Fees remained the same $805, as they have been for some time.  You should receive your Statement for the fees within the next couple of days.  The better news is more of your money is going into Reserves for improvements and emergencies and operating expenses are being lowered! 

Your Board of Directors is working very hard to see that the Association is fully funded and improvements continue.  They are committed to this goal and I am proud to assist them in fulfilling the goal.


08/27/2012 - 9:50 A.M.

It's a blustery day here at the Florida Bay Club.  Debris down but thankfully no major damages.  We dodged the infamous bullet this time!  It was much worse in Islamorada where I live.  A very big tree went down on our neighbor's house and we had one down on the front of our property.  All in all, we are very lucky.  My adult daughters (3 of them) nearly drove me over the edge, calling....texting....inquiring as to our safety!!  Ha! 

08/25/2012 - 12:30 P.M.

A State of Emergency has been declared for Florida by Gov. Rick Scott.  Visitors in the Keys are being urged to leave.  No Mandatory Evacuation has been issued yet.  Sunday is expected to be worse than today.  My hurricane shutters are up and we are hunkering in for the duration.  Flights out of the Keys will be canceled beginning for Visitors.  Stay in touch with website for more updates. 

08/24/2012 - 3:15 P.M.

We are preparing for anything weather wise here in the Keys.  This storm is very big.  I went to the grocery this morning and it appeared all of the Keys was there shopping!  I have the batteries, the crank weather radio, canned tuna, crackers, fruit, gas in the grill, instant coffee, powered coffee creamer, etc.  I learned a LOT living through Charlie 2004!

At very least, we will be under a Tropical Storm.  Emergency plans are in place here at Florida Bay Club.  We will do everything we can to take care of our beautiful property.  It is not going to be pretty all next week.  Lots of rain.

At this time there are no  Evacuation Orders for Visitors.  Stay in touch with this blog for more updates. 

08/23/2012 - 3:35 P.M.

We would like to invite you to send us pictures of your stay in the beautiful Florida Keys and The Florida Bay Club.  We would love to post them to this website!  Send to and we will post them.  I would love to have that funny picture of the "croc in the mangroves" that was a croc shoe!  That was hysterical

08/23/2012 - 3:30 P.M.

Here we sit, watching the Weather Channel......waiting to see how badly we will be hit by Hurricane Issac!  We have our emergency plan in place and just watching for our automatic update from the Keys Tourism Advisory.  At this time, travel to the Keys is permissible, but they advise to be prepared to adjust plans if needed.  There are no visitor evacuation orders at this time.


One of our owners who is originally from Cuba, has given me a long awaited recipe for yellow rice and shrimp.  My husband and I both love this dish and I'm so excited to make it!  I'm willing to trade my pecan encrusted fish with mango cream sauce for all recipes Cuban and Mexican!  These dishes are new for a Southern girl.

I am pleased to say all is going well at the Florida Bay Club!  We survived Mini Lobster Season and the summer crush of traffic in the Keys.  The weather is "HOT" and the fishing is good.  We are looking forward to our Winter owners coming for their time with us. 

Our 2013 Budget has been prepared.  There will be a Board of Directors meeting on August 27th, 2012 at the Association office at 7:00 P.M.  At that meeting any changes needed will be made and the Budget approved.  The good news is the Association is in good financial condition.  The budget is posted on this website for your viewing and input.

Your new Board of Directors are all working very hard for you.  They have a vision for the FBC being "like it was when back when it was new".  Now that we are funding reserves as they should be, we will have the money to make the improvements indicated by our reserve study and have the funds needed in the event of emergencies. 











Board Members

President: Matthew Peabody - Shelby Township - MI

Vice President:  Jack Irvin - White Haven, PA

Secretary:  Suzanne Smith - Islamorada, FL

Treasurer:  Linda Kauffman - York, PA

Member at Large:  Richard Turner - Mountain Home, AR

Member at Large:  Robert West -  North Port, Fl 

Member at Large:  Michael Gandham - Ann Arbor, MI

Member at Large:  Lourdes Griffin - Miami, Fl

Current Board Members

The newly formed board elected the following officers:

President – Matt Peabody

Vice President – Jack Irvin

Treasurer – Linda Kaufman

Member at large – Michael Gandham

Member at large – Lourdes Griffin

Member at large – Richard Turner

Member at large - Robert West


This link should get you the weather offshore.  Specifically Molasses Reef.  It is depicted as number 78.


Weather Map

Here is some fun!


Beautiful Sunsets

Talk about colorful evenings! 







                                   How about this?

Or one of these!

Then, the most beautiful of all!


A good catch


This was one of three coolers full of fish that were caught on the reef.  Was no concern for wasting the fish as they were eaten by everyone and the rest taken to the freezer to eat at a later date.  Most were Porgy or Grunt.  Seems like Mick McMorn was a party to this fishing trip. We had wonderful time.

White Marlin Coming In

Want the whole story about this fish?  Ask Jack Irvin the next time you see him.  The fish was revived and released, but the excitement continues.  This fish gained at least forty pounds during our ride back to the Florida Bay Club.

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